Corporate Gifting

We understand how important it is to connect with clients, customers, or guests, and we also know how busy you are! We help you design, curate and send purposeful gifts without losing a personal touch.

Work with our team to design custom packaging, gifts, sales kits, or merch to fit your occasion.

Email to learn more about our process and discuss your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the minimum order for a custom swag box?

Our minimum order quantity for a custom box is 50 boxes. 

Can I send gifts immediately or is there a standard lead time?

The standard lead time for fully custom projects is 4-6 weeks depending on the availability of the products and packaging.

Can I create custom branded gift boxes with my company logo?

Yes! We offer the ability to custom brand boxes, gift tags, notecards, and products. 

Will I be able to include a hand written note with my corporate gift?

Yes! Every gift box we send includes a handwritten card - you type the message during checkout, and we hand write it on the note card.

Can I include a product from our company within my gift box orders?

Yes! As long as the product fits within the broader assortment and box size, we can include a product from your company.

I need to send A LOT of boxes, can you handle it?

We have fulfilled orders of up to 1,000 gift boxes. Have something bigger? Lay it on us. We like a good challenge.

We sent corporate gifts last year with another company and it did not go well, how are you different?

We treat every order as if we are sending it to our own mother. We are confident in our team and our process to make sure your gifting experience, whether big or small, is the best from start to finish.